Top 100 Pet Names (Terms of Endearment) for Babies


top 100 pet names or nicknames for baby

You may have been one of the _____ (lucky, unfortunate) ones to have been given a pet name (or nickname) at an early age. Perhaps it stuck, or it may be a distant memory.

Me? I never had a nickname or a pet name growing up. My name, Erika, is not very nickname friendly and my parents weren’t the pet-name-giving types. I felt pretty neglected when I got older, hanging around with all of my cool, nick-name bearing circle of friends, so I worked with them to try and come up with something clever. I think “Ka” may have lasted for a few months, but never really stuck and so I had to wait until I got married to get my own term of endearment. In case you’re curious….I’m now known as Rama (short for Babe-o-Rama) by my husband. I think I came up with it and we both call each other Rama now – have for years. I like it and it gets quite a bit of attention – people are always like, “What did you call him/her?”

Now that I’m a Mom (and totally the pet-name-giving type). I have several nicknames for my daughter Ava Jaclyn. Her primary nickname is Goose or Goosey (a derivative of Silly Goose). She also gets referred to as Baby Girl or AJ. I’m not sure where her pet names were born, but more often than not, they. just. happen. If nothing materializes and you are dying to give your kid a sweet or funny pet name, here is a list of the top 100 Pet Names (or nicknames) to consider for your little girl or boy (not including the basics ones, such as: sweetheart, dear, babe, etc.)

Silly Goose Sweet Pea

  1. Ace
  2. Angel
  3. Angel Baby
  4. Angel Face
  5. Baby Cakes
  6. Baby Girl
  7. Baby Doll
  8. Baby Face
  9. Bean
  10. Boo
  11. Boo-Boo
  12. Bubba
  13. Bubby
  14. Bubkins
  15. Bubs
  16. Buckaroo
  17. Bud
  18. Buddy
  19. Bug
  20. Buggie
  21. Buggie-Boo
  22. Buttercup
  23. Champ
  24. Chief
  25. Chunk
  26. Chunky Monkey
  27. Cuddle Bunny
  28. Cutie Patootie
  29. Cutie Pie
  30. Dolly
  31. Duckling
  32. Ducky
  33. Dumpling
  34. Funny Bunny
  35. Fuzzy Bunny
  36. Goose
  37. Goosey Goose
  38. Half-Pint
  39. Hugabug
  40. Huggy Bear
  41. Huggy Buggy
  42. Huggy Bunny
  43. Hunny Bunny
  44. Jellybean
  45. Kiddo
  46. Kitten
  47. Kitty
  48. Laddie
  49. Lassie
  50. Lil’ Bit
  51. Lil’ Boss
  52. Lil’ Guy
  53. Lil’ Man
  54. Loo-Loo
  55. Love Bug
  56. Lovie
  57. Lovie Dovie
  58. Monkey
  59. Mr. Man
  60. Muffin
  61. Munchkin
  62. Peanut
  63. Pet
  64. Pinkie Pie
  65. Prince
  66. Princess
  67. Puddin’
  68. Puddin-Pie
  69. Pumpkin
  70. Punkin’
  71. Punkin-Pie
  72. Punkin-Wunkin
  73. Punky
  74. Rollie Pollie
  75. Shortcake
  76. Shortie
  77. Short Stuff
  78. Silly Goose
  79. Silly Willy
  80. Slugger
  81. Smiley
  82. Snugabug
  83. Snuggle Bunny
  84. Sport
  85. Sprout
  86. Squirt
  87. Stinker
  88. Stinker Bear
  89. Stinker-Winker
  90. Stretch
  91. Sunshine
  92. Sweetcakes
  93. Sweetie
  94. Sweetiekins
  95. Sweetpea
  96. Sweets
  97. Tiger
  98. Tiny
  99. Toots
  100. Turbo

Did I miss any? I’d love to hear your (or your child’s) pet name!

Love your baby’s pet name? Create a keepsake of it! I’d be happy to create something custom for his or her nursery!

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