Father’s Day Poem From My Daughter


Baby Feet

My daughter’s actual feet. Aren’t they cute? 🙂

With Father’s Day approaching, I thought I would share the poem that I wrote on behalf of my daughter last Father’s Day. Feel free to use it or share it if you’d like.

Want to give this keepsake to the awesome new Dad in your life?

Fathers Day Poem From Baby Girl  Fathers Day Poem From Baby Boy

My daughter and I are so very blessed to have her Daddy in our lives! Here is the text:

Today I’d like to thank you
For all the things you do
But most of all I thank you
Just for being you

Having you near me
Makes me glad to know
That you will always be here
To watch me change and grow

In my eyes…I hope that you can see
I’m proud to have a Daddy that watches over me

I love it when you kiss me
And hold my tiny hand
I know you’ll guide my footsteps
When I can finally stand

I love it when you smile at me
It makes me laugh out loud
You are what I want to be
And I hope to make you proud

You are the perfect Dad
Kind, gentle and fun
I’m grateful and I’m glad
To have the very best one

Even when I’m grown
And we have to be apart
I’ll cherish the love you give me
From your kind and gentle heart

Daddy I love you
What more can I say?
That I’ll love you more and more
Each and every day!

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