Custom Digital Modern Birth Announcement Baby Boy or Baby Girl Photo Birth Announcement, 5×5 PRINTABLE – BA Circles


So, I planned to get a lot more done today, but my DD wouldn’t take a nap. Luckily, she was a trooper during our visit to the petting zoo. She’s now tucked in and, hopefully, out for the night.

Anyway, here’s another square 5×5 birth announcement. This birth announcement can be purchased digitally or printed as seen below. Additionally, it can also be printed with rounded corners (for an additional fee).

Modern Circle Birth Announcement

Tomorrow is all about my husband, so you probably won’t see me for the rest of the weekend. With that said, happy Father’s Day to all great Dads, those striving to be better Dads – and to Moms who have had to be both Mom and Dad!

Take Care,


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